Fl!p’s 70th Birthday Concert

Thursday August 27, 2020 7:00 – 8:30 PM PST

I will be playing an online concert tonight in celebration of having survived 70 years on this sweet and astonishing planet.  Here’s the link. Click  on it and then scroll down till you see me, at 7 PM. The link won’t be live till then.


Fairhaven College Music Festival Streaming Series –
On the date and time of the the show please come to the page below to watch the Artists performance. Thank You Don Schluter, Fairhaven College Alumni/Music Festival Coordinator.

I was invited by Fairhaven College to play an online concert in lieu of the alumni homecoming celebration that usually happens this time of year. And it wound up to be easy to have it on my birthday!

I earned my self-designed bachelor’s degree in Listening As A Tool For Social Change, between 1971 and 1990. It took a while! But I’ve actually used what I learned in my life, daily.

I have received such amazing support for this event that my heart is broken wide open. First the invitation to play, and then our local community radio station asked if they could both run it on air and on their website. And then the Firehouse Arts and Events Center offered their professional videography as a birthday gift! They have shifted to offering excellent quality recording services to musicians, storytellers, poets, dancers and theatre folks. Zeke and I will pack up and actually go into a building besides our own home for the second time since March 11. The Firehouse team will both record and edit.

I invited friends on Facebook to request songs (can’t promise to play them all, sorry!) and am interviewing a few of those friends on Zoom so they can introduce their choice. (It’s not too late to contact me with a request.) We’re going to try to splice the little introductions into the concert. Fingers crossed!

So far, we have a mix of songs and instrumentals planned. There will be some songs I’ve written, some instrumentals, plus songs & tunes by Peter & Lou Berryman, Libba Cotten, Catherine Madson, Dorothy Attneave, and of course Zeke Hoskin. Zeke wrote a really beautiful new song about rainbows, with a physicist’s eye and a romantic’s heart.

If you’re planning to attend, I would love to hear from you, especially if you can let me know by Monday, when we are actually taping. That way I can hold your face in my mind and sing to you as I record.