Groundhog Day spelled backwards
Doesn’t make much sense
And if you say, “Yad Gohdnuorg”,
Your friends will take offense
But 02 02 2020 reads the same both ways
So have a happy palindromic Groundhog Day.
I’m a bad boy,  but Flip don’t care.
A song to cheer up those of us who are discouraged about participating in a mass extermination

This is what our friends Jo and Sue heard the geese marching to.

Cuddling. What could possibly be better?

Flip Breskin, Janet Peterson, Laura Smith and Richard Scholtz playing an improvised arrangement of Flatworld.

This is Zeke’s ever-expanding chocoholics’ theme song. Here Zeke, accompanied by Flip, sings some of his original verses and, as is the custom, makes up new ones as the audience throws out key words or themes.

Flip Breskin and Aimee Ringle singing the 145-year-old song for Fl!p’s mom, Maryann Breskin.

Flip Breskin ends her birthday celebration with her favorite three-song medley: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star…Baa Baa Black Sheep…The Alphabet Song.

Flip playing Hawaiian slack key licks and Zeke singing a song based on them. Jack Aldrich adds tasty steel to the mix.

Triple puns about the meaning of words, phrases, and life.

A song included in Rise Again, the sequel to the folksinger’s songbook Rise Up Singing.

Children’s song about a rapidly growing kidivorous reptile, with harp accompaniment

Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind has a lot to say about men’s lives

I’ve been working on this since DOMA was repealed and I saw Nate Beeler’s editorial cartoon. I’m publishing it now, February 9 2014, in honor of the people facing anti-gay bigotry at the Sochi Olympics

Thanks to Mitch McConnell for the title and Elizabeth Warren and lots of other women for the inspiration

A song for Feb 2, with some pictures of shadows and nice harmony singing. Also groundhogs and motorcycles

Good Trouble is the kind you have to make to fix bad things. With thanks to Anne Feeney for letting her use “Have you been to jail for justice?” in the lyrics.

Fl!p sings the song she wrote for her mother, Maryann Breskin.

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