Ergonomics For Musicians Workshop

Here’s an overview of the workshop I teach on how to be your own coach for form—

Musicians are small muscle athletes. We’ll learn how your hands, arms, and shoulders work and how to apply that to an instrument. For example, guitarists will learn how to play an F chord with no pain and no strain.  

If playing an instrument catches your heart, you are likely to make specific gestures a million times in your life. It’s good to know how  to avoid setting up repetitive motion injuries. Problem habits can be hard to spot since resulting injuries can take years to show up.

We’ll look at how to practice—how your brain and body interact. You can have shorter practice sessions with better results. Plus, I’ll also show you  helpful strategy for neutralizing stage fright.

Coming Soon—A video introduction to this workshop.

I can teach you individually, or teach your group.

You can contact me, here.