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The Firehouse Performing Arts Studio gave me a huge birthday present! They professionally video recorded and edited my concert. Zeke and I went down and played in their lovely auditorium while they ran 4 cameras, plus lights and separate sound with it’s own dedicated technician. The quality is lovely!

With performances shut down for the pandemic, they have been working to reinvent themselves as a support for all kinds of artists to record performances for high quality streaming.

I’d love for you to take a look, and maybe even share with friends. Just click on the link below and scroll down from there.




Happy Mothers Day

Zeke helped me write this for Bea’s 50th birthday, and here we are, 15 years or more later, still neighbors, and she’s still the heart of it all. It’s still for Bea, but it’s also for all you other mothers (and fathers and step-parents and grandparents) out there! As Bob Franke said in his wonderful song Boomerang Pancakes, “It may not be one of the things I do best, but it’s the best thing that I do.”


Groundhog Day!


Here is Zeke’s song in honor of mid-winter. He’s written a new verse in honor of this year’s date, which is a palindrome. Although the new verse is not in the recording, it’s printed here so you can sing it to yourself.

Groundhog Day spelled backwards
Doesn’t make much sense.
And if you say, “Yad Gohdnuorg”,
Your friends will take offense.
But 02 02 2020 reads the same both ways
So have a happy palindromic Groundhog Day!


Bad Boy

I learned this song from a Holy Model Rounders album. Peter Stampfel got it from an as-yet-un-named 1950s Girl Group (I’m still researching) and then added a bunch more verses. Carole King clearly heard the same song.  There’s sometimes a period in a young woman’s life when Bad Boys look awfully exciting, though the irresponsibility can wear out pretty quickly. Which can lead to the next song being “The Bald-Headed End Of A Broom.”  Bad Boy is descended from the great blues song Stagger Lee.  Alice Stuart taught me the guitar lick, bless her heart! And Zeke delightedly misbehaves in this recording as only he can. My favorite audience for this song is the little old ladies in senior residences, the ones with the reminiscent smiles… Thanks again to filmmakers Tom & Kelly!