Cuddling / Housework

Here’s the first video from our video recording weekend. Deepest thanks to Tom and Kelly for skilled recording!

Live  video performance meant we decided not to drive ourselves nuts trying to have perfection as a goal. Instead we went for being as lively as we could figure out how to be. To have fun with each other.

The song gives a peek into one couple’s attempted negotiations around housework. From the number of requests we get for this song in concert, and from the laughter that often greets it in performance, we suspect the song strikes a chord for many other couples as well. The best foreplay many men can engage in is taking out the garbage!

Many thanks to Mary Hodgson for her original insight and inspiration; to Richard Scholtz for increased playfulness; and to Janet Stecher; Lizanne Schader & Jerry McGarity for clear thinking and experienced direction.

The process of preparing this song for performance brought me and Zeke closer as a couple as well. So we offer it with some sense of shyness – “this is really us” – and we hope you like it!

Love/Fl!p & Zeke